The secrets to good meringue

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The site already has a lot of recipes, how to cook meringue, I suggest the most common recipe, but told in detail what to do to make sure everything turned out!

Ingredients for The secrets to good meringue

Step by step instruction of cooking The secrets to good meringue

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When whites will increase in volume in 4-5 times, will be hard to stay on the broom, the churn should be stopped.

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In the oven to keep long! It all depends on the amount of the cooked mass, the thickness of the meringue and, most importantly, your oven... 5 proteins must be kept in the oven from an hour to 2. and possibly longer. The first 40 minutes I do not recommend to open the oven (especially the meringue still definitely not ready!).

The finished meringue should be dry on top and pierce with a toothpick to it, nothing sticks.

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The finished meringue should be airy, soft, should just melt in your mouth, and thus to be brittle, and crumbly. In this case a little bit to stick to the teeth.

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I hope you will succeed! Good luck and Bon appetit!