The fougasse

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The fougasse is a simple flatbread, provençal origin. Any other homemade bread is it different fancy baking (in the form of leaf or ear), and various additives in the dough, such as fried onions, various vegetables, olives, anchovies, herbs, etc. On the website there are several recipes for this bread, but I think maybe my version will be useful to someone. Try to cook, very tasty!

Ingredients for The fougasse

Step by step instruction of cooking The fougasse

Шаг 1

Yeast dough I usually get mixed up using the bread machine, but You can knead it in the usual way. In the bucket of a bread machine pour warm water, add yeast and leave for 5-10 minutes.

Шаг 2

Add the sifted flour, sugar, salt, softened butter.

Шаг 3

Place the bucket in the bread machine and include the mode of kneading.

Шаг 4

Shift the dough in a bowl, cover with film and put in a warm place until dough increase in volume in 2-3 times.

Шаг 5

At this time, and peel my red onion, cut cubes.

Шаг 6

A little salt, onion and fry on olive oil until tender.

Шаг 7

Bacon cut into pieces

Шаг 8

Fry in olive oil until Golden brown (oil can not add, because bacon himself allowed the fat).

Шаг 9

Onions and bacon to cool.

Шаг 10

Cheese cut into cubes, approximately 1*1 cm.

Шаг 11

For making pellets, we also need sea salt medium grind, dried thyme (thyme) and dried Basil.

Шаг 12

Mix sea salt, ground black pepper, dried Basil and thyme.

Шаг 13

The cooled onion and bacon mix and cheese.

Шаг 14

When the dough will increase in volume by 2-3 times,

Шаг 15

Shift it on the table, knead well.

Шаг 16

Divide the dough into 7 equal parts, cover with film and leave for 10 minutes to rest.

Шаг 17

Then roll a piece of dough into a small circle

Шаг 18

Put in a filling of cheese, onion and bacon.

Шаг 19

Samipya the dough, shaping the ball.

Шаг 20

Billet cover with film and leave for another 10 minutes.

Шаг 21

Billet is rolled with a rolling pin into an oval.

Шаг 22

With a knife make incisions, resembling the veins of the leaf.

Шаг 23

A form shrouded with baking paper.

Шаг 24

Carefully transfer the scones on the baking tray

Шаг 25

Lubricate them with olive oil,

Шаг 26

Sprinkle with mixture of salt, herbs and black pepper.

Шаг 27

Cover a baking sheet with foil and give bread to increase in volume in 2 times (if You have a baking pan low, it is better to cover cakes a large bowl, as the film will touch pellets, and some herbs and spices will be left in it).