Chicken kukorica

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I had in the fridge chicken. I thought I will bake. But... how? And I turned for help to their native proven by many cooks website "cook". Leafed, leafed through... and I was born your own recipe.

Ingredients for Chicken kukorica

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken kukorica

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The first thing you need to prepare the marinade. Mix mayonnaise, chili sauce sweet, a couple of teaspoons of the curry sauce,put all these condiments (well, in principle, the selection of optional seasonings, as long as the sauce turned out sweet-and-spicy) Cover the chicken, put the sauce inside and under the skin wherever we can get. Leave to marinate. The longer, of course, the better will be our chicken.

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Fry until Golden brown onions in olive oil, pour to the same of chopped walnuts, deep fried everything together, remove from heat , allow to cool.

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This matzah. Who do not, it is possible to replace on a thin pita bread.

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While fried onions and nuts, grind matzo in not very small platelets, mix with eggs and salt, give it a soak.

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Combine matzo with onions and nuts. Stir thoroughly.

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Stuff the chicken, lay the stuffing not only inside, but under the skin. I had so many toppings that chicken fat twice. I wanted to staple all the toothpicks, but then it would be broken skin, so I left it like that. The filling is still firmly held and will not fall out of chickens. Put our beauty on a greased baking sheet, cover with foil and in the oven for 1-1,5 h. At the end remove the foil and allow the chicken to brown as it should.