Casadia with chicken and beans (jello)

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I love Mexican food! Spicy, tasty, simple. I suggest you make casadio. This is a great dish for a picnic and not only. Preparing is easy, and the result will certainly surprise you!

Ingredients for Casadia with chicken and beans (jello)

Step by step instruction of cooking Casadia with chicken and beans (jello)

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The second component, Casadei: lime green beans (lime broad beans). I have these beans at home is not found, so I replaced the simple green peas.
Cook the peas in salty water until tender (about 10 minutes), drain all the water, add the juice of half a lime and a handful of fresh chopped coriander. Theoretically you can use any greens you have in the house. Sprinkle black pepper to taste, stir and leave on the fire for literally half a minute, then cover and set aside.

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Fry chicken, the ideal breast, but my house was only the legs. Well, like a chicken fry, I do, of course, will not teach :-) Pepper, salt as you like, cut the roasted chicken into small pieces.

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Grate any hard cheese.

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The last ingredient is salsa - I decided not to cook, and took the path of least resistance and bought in the store. If you want to prepare your salsa, there are a lot of recipes just look through the search.

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Now we start the Assembly. Take tortia (Mexican bread).

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Spread on it a layer of beans.

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Then a layer of green beans (peas).

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Sprinkle all with grated cheese.

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Cover with the second tortilla.
Like this, shifting each casadio layers of paper or foil, it is possible to transport it to the picnic site, and then to fry on the grill for literally a minute on each side.
But you can fry it at home and on common pan - without oil. Also on both sides until lightly Browning. I usually press casadio top cover, so the layers stick together better with each other.

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Cheese melted, casadia ready! M-m-m, delicious!
Casadio, served with sour cream.

And finally: do I need to say to vary the ingredients can be as you like. In one Mexican restaurant I once ate, casadio with mashed potatoes!

Bon appetit and Sunny summer!