Refreshing and healthy homemade lemonade "Products"

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Probably, many remember the same bright green lemonade! I'm not a fan of carbonated drinks, but the children and husband sometimes ask, and in our time to buy soft drinks actually scary. I long ago adapted to prepare homemade lemonades, but the tarragon was prepared for the first time, the result pleased me, very much so. As well as the tarragon - the tarragon, the herb is also very useful, I'll cook it more often!

Ingredients for Refreshing and healthy homemade lemonade "Products"

Step by step instruction of cooking Refreshing and healthy homemade lemonade "Products"

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Tarragon wash, separate the leaves from the main stem. The stalk in the drink is better not to use.

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Sugar is dissolved in 200 ml. of water, put in the tarragon syrup and let the liquid boil on low heat. Cover and leave to infuse for 40-60 minutes. I left for the night.

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Our blender, beat the syrup with tarragon and filter a couple of times. It turns out that such a rich color and taste syrup.

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Now press out the juice from lemons and limes, mix in a large pitcher together the syrup and pour cold soda. All our homemade lemonade is ready! I drank it and children and adults with great pleasure.