Soup of zucchini and not only

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Offer a recipe of soup - very tasty, fragrant and pleasant in all respects. Tried to trace the history of soup, I learned that it was sung in the poetry of 12-13 centuries, and perhaps he really appeared in the expanses of the great Roman Empire before its fall. Perhaps there is some gene that is inherent in many of us, so many are so indifferent to these delicious soups.

Ingredients for Soup of zucchini and not only

Step by step instruction of cooking Soup of zucchini and not only

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The picture shows a set of products from which to prepare the soup. Sorry, but the flour did not hit the lens.
Vegetable broth can be made with any vegetable.

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Peeled zucchini cut into small pieces
onion - quartered rings.

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Sprinted the zucchini in small amount of boiling milk with butter. Milk pour just enough to barely cover the zucchini. Therefore, it is necessary to admit that the amount of milk in the ingredients are approximate.

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Onions fry in butter until light Golden brown.

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Ready zucchini together with the liquid and caramelized onions was milled (ground) in the bowl of a blender until smooth.

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Breed flour, vegetable broth, pouring it in portions, stirring thoroughly-rubbing, to avoid lumps. The decoction of leaves is approximately 200 ml.

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Mix in a pot puree of zucchini with white sauce and dilute with hot vegetable broth to desired consistency, bring to a boil. The amount of vegetable broth in the ingredients are approximate, it is difficult to assume how thick the soup will be after mixing the zucchini with the sauce, finally, everyone has their own idea about the density of the soup.

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It is necessary to add to the soup the liaison, before ever wondered what it is? Specifically I looked in the Internet, it turns out that in French it is a bunch, the connection to create a shell between products (in this case, soup) and the environment. Cool!
for preparation of a liaison blab yolk with a fork and pour 100 ml of hot but not boiling milk and heat until thick.

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Cool the soup to about 70-60 degrees, but the liaison and warmed up the soup.

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And the final touch, add finely chopped dill.

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Serve soup with chopped Basil leaves and croutons fried in garlic butter.
Garlic oil is sunflower or olive oil, in which is pressed a couple of cloves of garlic. Seasoned with garlic for about 30 minutes, then filtered.