Chocolate cheesecake

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If you are a chocolate lover, then in any case do not pass by this recipe. A chocolate explosion!

Ingredients for Chocolate cheesecake

Step by step instruction of cooking Chocolate cheesecake

Шаг 1

Cookies crumble (I use a potato masher to puree). Pour in the melted butter, stir.

Шаг 2

For cheesecakes I used the ring without a bottom. If you do not, it is possible to cut such rings from a plastic bottle. Height approximately 7 cm, diameter 8-10 cm.

To put rings on a plate, fill the bottom of the biscuits. A layer 1 cm thick. Put in the freezer for a while until we are going to cook myself a cheesecake.

Шаг 3

Cream vzbit in a solid foam.

Шаг 4

Cream cheese and sugar beat until smooth.

Шаг 5

I for this recipe used sugar "Mistral - small".

Шаг 6

Black and milk chocolate melt in a water bath.

Шаг 7

Enter it into the cheese mixture and sugar. Stir with a mixer.

Шаг 8

Gently with a spatula to introduce the whipped cream.

Шаг 9

Stir with a spatula until smooth.

Шаг 10

Remove the rings from the freezer and spread the chocolate mass.
Refrigerate at least 6 hours for the cheesecake has hardened, but preferably overnight.

Before applying to hold a knife along the edges of the ring, carefully remove it and place on a serving plate. You can decorate with chocolate.

If there are small rings, then you can make one big cheesecake. Cool it a little longer is better - overnight.