Roll with salmon and broccoli

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So that only not wrapped in pita bread on the cook :) This is not a recipe, even a trinket - just another version of the snack.

Ingredients for Roll with salmon and broccoli

Step by step instruction of cooking Roll with salmon and broccoli

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Put on to cook broccoli. We cook quite a bit to remain elastic.

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Cucumber cut into small cubes. In a bowl mix curd, cucumber, chopped fresh herbs (dill tastes best), pepper, add salt cuuuute. This will be the sauce.

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Cool broccoli and cut into pieces. From a sheet of pita bread cut 1/3, lay on the Board or on the table.
Spread half of the sauce, half cover the fish and broccoli.

Шаг 4

Turn like Shawarma, and all you can eat. With the remaining products do the same thing. Get two small roll.