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Delicious Egyptian treat! Simple to prepare and very tasty. Balls with a crunching blow, amazing thin crust, juicy flesh and aromatic syrup with an Oriental touch.

Ingredients for Zalabia

Step by step instruction of cooking Zalabia

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I use a glass 250 ml.
Prepare flavored light sugar syrup: 0.75 Cup water and 1 Cup sugar put on low heat, add 3 cardamom pods. After boiling, add 4-5 drops of lemon juice and 1 g vanillin. Cook for 5 minutes, take out the cardamom. Cooled. The syrup we need some of the coldest.

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Prepare the dough. In a quarter Cup of warm water dissolve 0,5 tbsp of sugar and 1 tbsp yeast (dry active). Sift 1.75 cups of flour, add 0.25 of a teaspoon of salt, add the yeast mixture (which is already covered with shower cap) and 1.25 cups of warm water.

Шаг 3

Thoroughly mix the dough. It turns slightly watery, but viscous. It is necessary that it be of such density that makes it easy to take from the total mass of a spoonful of the dough (but not too thick). If necessary, add flour. Tighten the film and leave for an hour in a warm place.

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Heats in a pan over medium heat oil for deep-frying. The more oil, the "rounder" get our balls. Using 2 teaspoons, put small "balls" of dough into hot oil. They will immediately start to inflate. Fry until Golden brown with 2 sides.

Шаг 5

The balls spread on tissue paper for 2-3 minutes, then hot drop them immediately in cold sugar syrup for 1-2 minutes. The balls must be completely covered with syrup.

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The balls turn out half-empty: one half is syrup-soaked pastry, and the second half is a void filled by the syrup, all the gustatory pleasure framed in tempting crispy crust.