The easiest cheesecake

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My wonderful mother loves this pie. It turns out very tasty and needs very little time to prepare it.

Ingredients for The easiest cheesecake

Step by step instruction of cooking The easiest cheesecake

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1. Whisk 3 eggs with 2/3 Cup sugar. It with a whisk

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2. Add a glass of liquid food (preferably a smooth consistency, but you can with grains) to the scrambled eggs with sugar. Stir up and add 1 tablespoon of baking soda (bezverha), slaked vinegar. Mix. If desired in the dough, you can add the zest of half a lemon, but that lemon is not bitter want a little advice to open that white skin is most bitter. so just write what I do when I mess around with the citrus. first, a grater remove the zest (colored crust on top, without the white part), then purified white crust, cut fillet ( inside films), or squeeze out the juice depends on the recipe and only with this work. just now, lemons are often sold unripe, poor quality, it is always better to do so. And you can also add vanillin at the tip of the knife, raisins, pre-soaked in boiling water, orange zest, not lemon. In General what people like. But without all this it turns out very tasty.