Apple pie in aerogrill

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For fans of Apple pie! A simple recipe, minimum effort!

Ingredients for Apple pie in aerogrill

Step by step instruction of cooking Apple pie in aerogrill

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I will have detailed pictures in the recipe, because when cooked and half eaten, I thought to post this recipe.

Preheat a convection oven. I before baking banks sterilized at the temperature of 125g, pulled them and then the dough is set.

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Beat eggs with sugar, add melted butter. There also pour milk (can use yogurt), put flour, soda. Mix well.

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Cut the apples (as you like, I have a small cut). Send the apples to the dough, stir

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Pour onto a baking sheet (my diameter about 25 cm) and place in convection oven for 35 min. In the beginning, I was baked at a temperature of 180 after appeared a Golden crust, reduce to 150 C and bake the remaining time!

R. s. Here is my old pan :blush:

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Bon appetit!