Italian lemon liqueur, "Limoncello"

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Those who were in Italy, you know this delicious drink is yellow in color with a unique full lemon flavor. At the same time to do it myself very simple, just have a little patience.

Ingredients for Italian lemon liqueur, "Limoncello"

Step by step instruction of cooking Italian lemon liqueur, "Limoncello"

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Place the zest in a jar or similar suitable container, which is sealed. Pour alcohol of the zest so that it is fully coated, leave to infuse for 20 days.

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After that, filter the yellowed alcohol, the zest can be discarded, it is no longer needed.

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Next, boil the syrup: dissolve the sugar in a liter of water, put the pan with this mixture on fire and boil for at least 10 minutes. Next, let cool, then pour syrup into the lemon alcohol. The solution is white and turbid, this is normal. The drink will Rob your true color - bright pale yellow, is something you buy at the Italian store. Stir the mixture, close tightly and leave for a month.

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After this period, strain the Limoncello through cheesecloth or sterile gauze folded in at least 10 layers (and preferably through filter paper, but it is still necessary to find) and pour into bottles. Leave the bottle for another month, after that Limoncello can be used. Serve Limoncello very cold in high stacks, previously well cooled in the freezer.
The fortress finished beverage original recipe (remember, the recipe was brought from Italy and translated) - about 47 degrees, so beware of output - 2 liters. With the right setting (a cold drink in the frozen stack), this fortress is not there, you can drink to savor, not gulp. If you want a less fortress - play with a number of ingredients, all can be calculated.
To your health!