Mushroom goulash

208 - 40 минут 6 порции

Very easy to prepare and very tasty goulash..

Ingredients for Mushroom goulash

Step by step instruction of cooking Mushroom goulash

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Start with the onions..)) Cut onion into half rings, garlic finely chop, put everything to fry for 5 minutes..

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While fried onions, cut the peppers.

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Add the peppers to the onions and simmer for another 2 minutes..

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Then to the onions and pepper add the grated carrots and chopped tomatoes.. And simmer for another 2 minutes.

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Then add the sliced mushrooms And simmer all.. about 10 minutes..

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It has been 10 minutes. Add flour and mix everything.

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After adding flour and mix, add the tomato paste and stir again all.

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Then add 3 cups of water, stir, sprinkle with salt and pepper.. simmer for another 10 minutes..
And goulash is ready.. it Turns out very tasty, and most importantly suited to almost any garnish..