Tilapia in milk

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Honestly, the recipe invented itself. When the fish was eaten, I decided to see if there is such a recipe. And was very surprised that such a simple, quick, delicious recipe no Cook. There are recipes with similar ingredients, but the preparation is different. Welcome to the fish!

Ingredients for Tilapia in milk

Step by step instruction of cooking Tilapia in milk

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Everything is easy and fast. Defrost tilapia fillets. If you do not even have time it is completely thawed - no big deal.

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Cut arbitrarily, I like to slice them in half lengthwise, fillet retains shape, not falling apart when cooking.

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In a pan heat the butter over low heat (you can of course plant, but with creamy tender and tasty), and fry on it chopped half rings onion. Luka you can put more, milk is very good softens and turns out delicious sauce.

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When the onions are fried until transparent, put on it slices of fish.

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Cover the pan with a lid and allow the fish to steam. Then add salt, pepper, fill the fish with bow warm milk. Of course, the milk can be skim, but it seems to me that the malted milk adds a special unique taste. I pointed out 1 Cup of milk but depending on the amount of pans you may need more fish should be almost completely covered with milk. Simmer under the lid until the fish is cooked, it is not long, 5 minutes, max 10.

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