Jam of prickly pears (ragosta)

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The prickly pear is a plant belonging to the family Cactaceae. Extremely thermophilic, so it grows in hot climates. Fruit in sweetness to compete with figs and useful properties superior to the majority of fruit. This is the only very sweet fruit that you can eat and not gain weight!!! Extracts of this plant are used in pharmaceuticals as a means for weight loss and combat cellulite. In Greece it grows prickly pear species with relatively large seeds that are not worth trying to crack. In my opinion, is a disadvantage of this fruit. "Great harvest" Opuntia encouraged me to create the jam, although more healthful fresh fruit.

Ingredients for Jam of prickly pears (ragosta)

Step by step instruction of cooking Jam of prickly pears (ragosta)

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The main time-consuming factor in cooking is cleaning and removing the fetus. Do not try to do it with bare hands, as the insidious plant at the first opportunity will leave in your hands a good part of their spines, which are arranged on the stems and on the surface of the fruit.

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To clean best to use a knife and fork. Holding the fruit with a fork, cut the two poles, and in the middle of the first incision. Neatly pushes the peel, produce fruit, and then hand perekidyvaem it, thus separating from the remainder of the shell.

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Prickly pear is ready! Measure out the required amount.

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Finely chop in a pan and put on slow fire.

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A little cooked and razmyagchayuschiesya Opuntia pass through a sieve or squeeze through cheesecloth.

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In the resulting mass, add sugar and lemon juice. Put on low heat and then simmer proverjaem about 15-20 minutes.

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Sheet gelatin fill 4 tablespoons of water, allow to stand for 5 minutes. After that, just press and enter in the podostyvshimi cooked mixture.

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Morning coffee, crisp toast with butter and jam - perfect, in my opinion, Breakfast!

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Bon appetit!