Appetizer of cabbage

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Resembles a vegetable stuffed cabbage, but in the marinade and witty, who loves!

Ingredients for Appetizer of cabbage

Step by step instruction of cooking Appetizer of cabbage

Шаг 1

Cabbage gut, like cabbage rolls.
Boil in salted water (but not very soft).

Шаг 2

Carrots and beets RUB on a grater (medium).
Garlic to squeeze on the frog.
Finely chopped herbs.

Шаг 3

To connect carrots, beets, garlic and greens, salt and pepper, mix thoroughly.
In the cabbage leaf to wrap a little "meat" as the cabbage rolls and put in pan.

Шаг 4

To prepare the brine is based: on 1 l of boiled water (you can use the one in which boiled cabbage leaves)- 1 tbsp salt.
Pour our darlings brine and let stand 2-3 days.