Oat porridge "a Delicious diet"

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Maybe someone my recipe will seem odd to someone not delicious, but specify that it is a dietary mess, and don't judge if you haven't tried. The first time I too was skeptical about the combination of these products, but when I tried, it seemed to me that porridge-like pudding.

Ingredients for Oat porridge "a Delicious diet"

Step by step instruction of cooking Oat porridge "a Delicious diet"

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Cereal to be heated on a dry pan with cinnamon and vanilla. The kitchen floats alluring scent, and the flakes acquire a nutty taste

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Rinse the raisins, dried apricots cut into quarters

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To connect fried cereal and dried fruit

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Pour low-fat yogurt. I use 1%. You can use yogurt. Will be also very tasty. But should not forget that the fatter we use the product, the harder it is to fight obesity. Although... there are those lucky people who can afford not to think about the arrow on the scales. Ehhhhh, sorry, I do not belong to them ( ( (

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In the morning I have delicious healthy porridge, which gives strength and energy for the whole day