Jam from schisandra

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Lemongrass is a plant that combines 4 taste. Sour, bitter, salty and sweet. It has a smell of lemon. And the smell in all its parts. In the Schizandra berry contains large amounts of potassium and selenium, contains iodine.

Ingredients for Jam from schisandra

Step by step instruction of cooking Jam from schisandra

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Lemongrass should be harvested when it turns red, but will have a solid berry. Wash under running water.

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Now remove the berries from the stems. Fill with sugar and leave for a day.

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The next day look. If you allocated enough juice, just put on medium fire and cook. If it is not, add half a Cup of boiling water.
Cook on a medium heat after the sugar dissolves, 5 minutes. Disconnect and allow to cool.

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Then again boil for 5 minutes. After complete cooling, we decompose the berries and syrup in different banks.

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