Cakes "1/3"

95 - 30 минут -

Soft, tender meatballs, perhaps, be to everyone's taste.

Ingredients for Cakes "1/3"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cakes "1/3"

Шаг 1

Zucchini clean from the skin. The cabbage and zucchini chop in a blender.

Шаг 2

To the resulting mixture add the stuffing mix and all. I do it also in blender.

Шаг 3

Then add the egg, salt and spices. Mix everything.

Шаг 4

Meatballs can be fried or prepared on pair.

Шаг 5

Well, that turned out more vegetable patties than meat. But they are not inferior to meat.
Bon appetit!