Sourdough bread

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A good yeast-free bread without leaven to bake. So first I want to show you how very easy it is to make the leaven of spontaneous fermentation of only two products - flour and water. This recipe allows you to get a good strong starter for baking homemade bread and other products for 5 days.

Ingredients for Sourdough bread

Step by step instruction of cooking Sourdough bread

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ON THE FIRST DAY. 60 g rye flour 80 g water, mix, put in a container or jar, cover with a lid (not tight) and leave for a day at room T.

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THE SECOND DAY. A day later the yeast can feed the first signs of life - the bubbles, but it might not be. The smell is unpleasant.

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Take half of this is not yet the starter, add 60 g of rye flour and 80 g of water and stir. Cover and leave for a day.

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DAY THREE. The dough becomes like a leaven - saturated with gas bubbles, but it is dominated by putrefactive microorganisms. So the smell is most unpleasant!

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Half of the sourdough discard, add the remaining 60 g of flour and 60 g of water, stir, leave covered for a day. FLOUR SIFT EVERY TIME!

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FOURTH DAY. To half the starter, add 60 g flour and 60 g of water, stir, leave covered for a day.

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FIFTH DAY. Repeat with white flour. On the sixth day, check your starter. It should at least double in volume, have a pleasant tart (or fruit or testany) smell and sour taste. If so, then your sourdough turned out! Good bacteria won bad and made peace with the wild yeast! Continue to feed her once a day in the ratio of 1:2:2 (20 g starter, 40 g water, 40 g of flour) or 2 times per day in a ratio of 1:1:1.
Thus the leaven has a moisture content of approximately 100% (the ratio of water and flour in the dough of 1:1). As a General rule for baking everyday bread, I use a sourdough consistency. If any recipe requires a thick sourdough, translate it to the desired % humidity.

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This is testana soft starter for French bread.

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For rye and whole-wheat bread, I use 100% of humidity of the leaven. In consistency they are a little thicker wheat, but of flour (rye or whole grain) and water in roughly equal quantity.
For translation of wheat sourdough in rye several times at intervals of 6-12 hours, feed the starter with rye flour in a ratio of 1:1:1.

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Mature rye starter.