Russian pancakes according to GOST

120 - 30 минут 4 порции

I'll start with the easiest recipes and I will complicate them to the end of the week. So I offer you a recipe that allows you to dispose of the surplus accumulated leaven. It's pancakes, amazing pancakes! Are baked by my grandmother in a Russian stove, and I still remember their taste and aroma, which is created by adding to the dough leaven. Not sour, sweet, delicate. You can wrap them in whatever toppings you want, or just water! Caution, a sense of proportion is pretty loose concept!

Ingredients for Russian pancakes according to GOST

Step by step instruction of cooking Russian pancakes according to GOST

Шаг 1

Diluted with water to a liquid, pouring the dough. Before each pancake is sure pomeshivayte the dough to make it homogeneous, because at the top of the dough is a lot of foam.

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Fry over medium heat from both sides, as usual. Grease the pan with oil or not - decide. For the first pancake, of course, it is better to lubricate. I fry in clarified butter, as did my grandmother.

Шаг 3

Keep pancakes hot in a bowl with a lid or serve at once - piping hot!

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