Herring under a fur coat

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It is an ancient recipe which once upon a time found one in an old cooking book. He was called "Herring under a fur coat. Old recipe". Me such a name was interested, and I made a salad. I do not know how old he is and ate this dish the Tsar's boyars, or simple peasants, but just salad is very tasty and unusual. First, instead of the usual mayonnaise used here is the fill of sour cream and mustard, there are some apples but not potatoes. And it is quite unusual for us to see in this dish is brown bread. In General, your the court: herring under a fur coat-that, but not quite. Surprise your guests or home: they will take a spoonful of this salad, like all the familiar, and there... surprise!

Ingredients for Herring under a fur coat

Step by step instruction of cooking Herring under a fur coat

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These are the products we use magic ( will delve in the old days...) but I noticed that the onions I have in the photo is missing... by the Way, the number of products for about a couple of seledochnitsy.

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Boil the beets, grate on a coarse grater.

Шаг 3

Carrot straightened in the same way:boil, RUB on a coarse grater.

Шаг 4

Apples peeled and core, grate on a coarse grater.

Шаг 5

Finely chop onion, pickle ( mix with onions 2 tsp sugar, pinch of citric acid, allow to stand for 15 minutes).

Шаг 6

Bread cut into small cubes (largest in the salad is not saturated and will remain just pieces of bread on the bottom of the Cup). But in the porridge bread is also not necessary to turn.

Шаг 7

Herring cleaned, cut into medium-sized cubes.

Шаг 8

Prepare the sauce, because we will soon come in handy. Mix sour cream, mustard, vinegar, black pepper, cinnamon, salt ( if you want of any ingredient, add more or less according to the preferences: a bit sharper, sourer, etc.)

Шаг 9

Proceed to the most important: put the salad layers. First you put on the bottom of the bread cubes, herring and pickled onions, all sprinkled with sunflower oil. Next comes a layer of apples, beets, carrots. Each layer is abundantly pour creamy mustard filling.