Jam, Canberra or black nightshade

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Here parents are in the country the berries are grown newfangled. Call Canberra. Ripened only now, in October. And then, almost tasteless. Read - jam needs to be boiled out of it. Yes, recipes are strange, which is only the Board to add the cherry sheet in October! Decided to look on gourmet websites - there is generally offer berries to push during meshaniya spoon. Or blender, I advise you to use. Jam reluctance - you want whole berries. Different methods tried - really liked this one.

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Sort through the berries, tear off the sepals, greenish to throw, chop, like a gooseberry. Pin sure - tried to make jam, not impaling - turned baddie because peel did not want to burst. Did one hole. The berries I have, though black and large was, but still solid.