Sicilian lemonade with salt

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Il seltz limone e sale. The recipe of this drink brought me from Sicily from the last vacation. In the South this lemonade preparing you and sold in street stalls and bars. If you have a siphon, you will be able to use it. The recipe is very simple, but as you know, all brilliant - easy! On a hot day, lemonade is a refreshing experience, great thirst quencher, and gives the feeling of lightness even after a very hearty lunch and helps to improve digestion.

Ingredients for Sicilian lemonade with salt

Step by step instruction of cooking Sicilian lemonade with salt

Шаг 1

Take a glass with a capacity of 0.4 L. Pour it cold carbonated water (without adding about 3 cm to the end).

Шаг 2

Taste for the proper consistency of the drink we need half a lemon. Squeeze the juice, pour the lemon juice into a glass, stir.

Шаг 3

Add a little less than half a teaspoon of salt to the drink, stir thoroughly. The interaction of lemon and salt drink will foam.
Drink fast gulps.