Apple-walnut jam

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I'd like not to throw rotten eggs at first, was surprised I did - the result is amazing, try it!

Ingredients for Apple-walnut jam

Step by step instruction of cooking Apple-walnut jam

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Apples rinse thoroughly (you want - clean, I did not), cut into slices.

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The lemon one is also sliced, thinly, into quarters, from the second squeeze the juice in the apples. There add water (approximately 100 g), add sugar, stir and leave for an hour. During this time, the apples will secrete a juice.
After a time we put our apples on the fire, after boiling, keep on high heat 5 min! So the apples retained a pretty look.

Шаг 3

Remove from heat, leave for an hour. In an hour repeat the procedure, and then again in an hour, last add the finely chopped nuts.