Aspic " healthy."

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Tasty and healthy! Chanterelles - very useful mushrooms. They contain vitamins such as A, PP, a large number of amino acids and trace elements (zinc, copper). They improve the General condition of the mucous membranes, especially the eyes - very well moisturize and increase resistance to infections. The use of chanterelles is a great prevention of various eye diseases, they also help in the treatment of night blindness and generally contribute to better eyesight. Another very useful and active substance contained in mushrooms is ergosterol. He beneficially and effectively affects our liver. And tromethaminebuy acid, also contained in chanterelles, destroying hepatitis C virus (which has been proven in recent studies scientists). That is why chanterelles are used in different liver diseases such as hemangioma, hepatitis, fatty degeneration. And pure ergosterol is used for cleaning the liver. Gelatin contains a useful and necessary amino acids – glycine, which provides the body energy and affects mental activity, as well as alanine, aspartic and glutamic acids, improves metabolism, strengthen the heart muscle and which is the power source of the Central nervous system.

Ingredients for Aspic " healthy."

Step by step instruction of cooking Aspic " healthy."

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Chanterelles boil in salted water (I was frozen, I thawed them first)

Шаг 2

Atteriwem broth, it is useful to us, mushrooms recline in a colander

Шаг 3

Allow to cool separated the mushroom broth when it becomes warm, add gelatin, prevent and leave for 40 min to dissolve the gelatin

Шаг 4

After 40 minutes the broth put on the stove to heat to about 60 degrees, do not boil. Stir the broth constantly. In a bowl, where do we make the aspic, pour the broth by a third. Put on the windowsill to cool until fully hardened

Шаг 5

Chanterelles a little pepper and put the tops down on the already frozen gelatin, decorate with green onions

Шаг 6

From eggs and boiled carrots make chamomile

Шаг 7

Lay them among the mushrooms the heart down

Шаг 8

Gently spoon gelatin pour in the remaining broth. Put in the fridge until fully cured

Шаг 9

Before serving our jelly flip on a plate