Cinnamon drink

103 - 60 минут 2 порции

Incredibly healthy drink!!! Can compete with drugs. In addition, heat quickly warms you up in cold soft drink spicy Oriental flavor!!!

Ingredients for Cinnamon drink

Step by step instruction of cooking Cinnamon drink

Шаг 1

The water is heated. In hot water, omit the cinnamon stick. Proverjaem about 15 min.

Шаг 2

Add ground ginger, proverjaem a few minutes, turn it off and let it brew.

Шаг 3

The drink is poured into glasses, it should have a reddish tint, from light to rich. Add 1 tsp. of honey and lemon.

Шаг 4

Our drink is ready! Enjoy! In my family this " cure" is used every day. The smell of cinnamon do not leave us! Drink hot, at room temperature. Is perfect to drink cinnamon drink - 2 times a day - morning 30 min. before meals and 30 minutes before bedtime. This "tea" is used with diet goals. By the way, regular intake of cinnamon drink weight will not be returned, even if the diet is present in food rich in calories! You need to check)))