Risotto of pearl barley with mushrooms

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POST-DIET in a slow cooker or without. This recipe I have found for myself a long time ago. Pearl barley, though it is now a product of the poor, but in fact this storeroom is a leader in content of nutrients.

for Lent

Ingredients for Risotto of pearl barley with mushrooms

Step by step instruction of cooking Risotto of pearl barley with mushrooms

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Pearl barley pour boiling water for about 30 minutes (if cold water, for several hours or overnight, depending on when you cook a dish and do you have a lot of time).
The mushrooms soak in milk or hot water, but in milk they are tender. You can use fresh mushrooms (300 gr).

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Chop the onion, carrots (you can grate).
At the bottom of the bowl pour the oil and lay out all the products. Add 200 g of water. Mix with spices. Carrots and onions can be pre-fry. You can cook in a thick-walled container (cauldron, casserole, deep frying pan)

Шаг 3

For multivarki Set mode "Pilaf" for an hour and forget.
After cooking turns out very tasty dish. Since I have a slow cooker somewhere to put all the salt, in fact, in a plate add some salt or more soy flavored sauce. The greens are for decoration. Cooking in a regular pot on the stove takes about an hour on a small fire (like a regular risotto to the time grains and the evaporation of the liquid).