Cabbage-cranberry sauce

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Broths (or gravy) was popular in Russia before the emergence of all kinds of sauces Asian and Western cuisines. Now completely gone from Russian cuisine, left, probably only in poor, remote areas of the country (?). Although, I doubt it. I'll try to reconstruct the broth, the stories of representatives from the village kitchen - Strauch. In principle, this broths, can safely be called the Pechora or North: cabbage is growing, mushrooms have, cranberries in bulk :) the Broths were served with meat, game, vegetables, and accordingly varied. I have combined-a sauce for game or poultry. Sweet and sour sauce, as we would say today. Also, it is, in fact, can be served also with pasta, potatoes: due to the presence of mushrooms and the broth rich.

Ingredients for Cabbage-cranberry sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Cabbage-cranberry sauce

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Put it to stew on low heat, pouring the broth.

Шаг 2

To add them until tender cabbage and evaporation of the broth

Шаг 3

Allow to cool, to scroll in a meat grinder, add the broth, salt (if needed), spices and adjust the "acidity" sugar to your taste.

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Introduce a small amount of flour, well usmaev and straighten the viscosity of the broth, to heat, bring to a boil with constant stirring.
If someone does not like flour dressings, instead, you can enter the sour cream

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This broth I was served baked steak Turkey.
A very good combination. And a Friend commented that mayonnaise and ketchup - "Kaka" compared to this sauce, it really goes well with the meat. Hmm, but then: she said a hundred times that purchase "minesite" - evil. :)

Bon appetit!

Approx. Broth (no cream) with small amounts of fats, you can safely "roll up" in jars for the winter. I do thick, so can be used as a pate, and as gravy, adding water or broth. Also a good idea and as a seasoning for soups, for soup, for example.