Fruitcake for Christmas

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Offer you a recipe of delicious Christmas fruitcake, bake it, preferably 2 months before the festival, so it had time to ripen properly. Christmas cupcake — compulsory festive table decoration. Full-bodied and rich taste, it's just a celebration of taste and aroma... Exclusively for fans of dried fruit! For patiently explaining the intricacies of baking thanks Valya!

for Christmas

Ingredients for Fruitcake for Christmas

Step by step instruction of cooking Fruitcake for Christmas

Шаг 1

Fruit to soak in brandy, cognac or other alcohol, but juice or sugar water. The amount of brandy for soaking to better define the eyes and to soak better in a few days. If the fruit is soaked in a sealed container, for uniform impregnation of the fruit good to turn it (one day – the cover up, next day cover down). I filled it with fruit, but after 3 days the amount of alcohol decreased, I fruits has markedly increased in volume.

Шаг 2

One hour before baking the cake, the fruit should be removed from the jar and put it in a strainer to drain excess liquid.

Шаг 3

In advance to get the butter and eggs out of the fridge to let them warm up. The butter and sugar stir in the cream. Beat eggs and add oil, a little at a time. In the process of whipping and mixing these three products, the oil will "bounce", but it should not disturb you, everything will connect once you add the flour.

Шаг 4

For mixing use a 5 litre metal bowl for more from the multi, the pot. Flour, spices and soda sift and add to fruit, mix well. Attention! It is not necessary to be zealous and interfere with the mixture too long, the flour will start to secrete gluten, I advise you to do it for two minutes.

Шаг 5

Then mix with butter mixture. If the oil mixture is added to flour, fruit can when baking will sink to the bottom.

Шаг 6

To the cake evenly cooked, juicy on the inside left and no dried crust on the outside, it is very important to properly prepare the forms. (I have 2 shape with a diameter of 18 cm, but of different heights.) The bottom of the mold to make 2-3 layers of baking paper, sides greased with butter. Then outside the form is wrapped by the newspaper, folded into a long strip, wet cloth over and tie a rope to all of this was kept.

Шаг 7

Put the mass into the prepared form. Align the top with a wet hand or a wet silicone spatula. Water will not only help to make the top of the cupcake smooth, but also to prevent in the future the top from cracking.

Шаг 8

Immediately close the form with foil and before the end of baking the foil to remove.

Шаг 9

Place the cake in a cold oven on a thick layer of wet Newspapers. Set temperature to 134 degrees. Do not check before 4 hours (the time depends on the size of the form). Since the oven temperature is low, the paper does not burn, although some complain that the smell is. Baked several times, the newspaper dries, but does not burn! A cupcake should not be dry after baking. Readiness the designated on dry kindling, it without crumbs! Once the cake is ready (it will take from 4 to 6 hours), wrap it in paper and leave to cool in the baking pan (I left overnight).

Шаг 10

Morning to release the cake from the form. These beauties turned out!

Шаг 11

Once the cake has cooled, remove it from the form, wrap again in paper...

Шаг 12

... then in foil...

Шаг 13

... then top the foil and then remove it, I stand on the glassed-in loggia to ripen and matured there for 2 months, otherwise the cake will crumble.