Frozen cooked chickpeas

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It's not even a recipe, and advice on how to prepare for the future such a wonderful and useful product as chickpeas. Dish of chickpeas almost every day menu in our family, especially mine, since I don't eat meat, and chickpeas for me is an essential protein. But each time to soak, boil the nut is long and dreary. Therefore, I suggest you freeze cooked chickpeas, this will save your time, and the chickpeas retain all their nutritional properties.

Ingredients for Frozen cooked chickpeas

Step by step instruction of cooking Frozen cooked chickpeas

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I usually freeze 2 or 3 kg of chickpeas.
First, it must rinse and fill with plenty of water. Better to do it at night, it swells, and the next day change the water and boil until tender about 1-2 hours.
You only have to drain the water, dry the chickpeas and lay out portions of packages.

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Freeze the chickpeas in the freezer, and you will only get the pouch and add chickpeas or stew or soup or any other dish.

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I cook garbanzo: the First

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And even desserts

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And this is only the smallest part of what you can make with chickpeas.
I hope you like the chickpeas as I love him, well, at least just once try if not yet tried)