Celery salt

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Salt, which we used to use, is quite a controversial product from the point of view of utility. However, this is the easiest flavoring is very hard to refuse. All adherents of a healthy diet in the first place, replace the usual salt in the sea. Because sea salt is a pure organic product; all created by nature, absorbed by the body (created by the same nature) with the use of without slagging him with unnecessary chemicals. But besides sea salt, there are other natural substitutes thereof. How to extract and use the natural salt, I suggest you read it.

Ingredients for Celery salt

Step by step instruction of cooking Celery salt

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To prepare the products. You will need a large bunch celery with leaves, it is necessary to separate and rinse well under cold running water.
*The thing is that celery belongs to the plants with the growth absorb a large number of organic salts from the soil. The guru of the raw food diet is used as a variant podsalivaya ingredient, exclusively celery, whether it is the extract of the roots, milled seeds, dried leaves or stems - this seasoning can really set off the taste of the product, while not changing, but only emphasizing his own natural taste.
** I am not the guru of the raw food diet (although I was close to the principles of this diet), so I prefer to add in this spice part sea salt to taste. But even with the added salt, this seasoning is useful, but also very tasty and suitable to a variety of dishes.

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Washed the celery, Pat dry with paper towels. Separate leaves from stalks. Petioles are cut into thin slices. Leaves and petioles let dry. The most common is the option to use only the leaves.
* I tried both - and with leaves and stalks.

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Preheat the oven to 40C. Put celery leaves on the laid parchment baking sheet the free layer, so that the sheets do not overlap each other.

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To do the same with the chopped stalks.

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After the leaves have dried, remove them from the oven and allow to cool. Same with the stalks.
* As I wrote, my stalks are not doshli, but I found and put them to good use). Next, I will specify only the leaves, but with a fully dried stalks need to do the same.

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The cooled brittle leaves mixed with salt in a mortar/ with the help of chopper or just crumble the leaves with your hands.