Chicken steak with cheese

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A classic win-win combination - chicken breast+cheese - never fails. Offer a simple but delicious recipe of chicken chops. Chops turn out very tender and juicy. I would be glad if the recipe will appeal to someone else. PS Or I can't search, or this recipe on the website no. The idea is borrowed in category Bon Appetit on the Ukrainian site of the Publishing house "Secret documents".

Ingredients for Chicken steak with cheese

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken steak with cheese

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Necessary ingredients (almost all :-)

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Beats breast and cut into serving pieces. Salt, pepper and leave a little zamarinuetsya.

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Meanwhile, prepare the egg mixture. For this mix eggs, sour cream, flour, parsley. A little salt and pepper. Do not forget that cheese is also going to add my salinity.
Grate cheese on a medium grater.

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Captured a piece of meat pour a spoonful of batter and put steak on pan with heated oil, egg side down. Sprinkle top with grated cheese and carefully pour on top of the batter.

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Fry each side on medium heat until Golden brown.

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I got so

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Well, in the cut.

Hot turned out well, very tasty! I think in the cold will not be worse.

Bon Appetit!