Duck confit

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Confit de canard - a classic French dessert. Basically, confit is the oldest method of preserving meat products. Thanks to fat, these dishes can be stored for months. But not in the merit of this dish. To his credit on the palate and its versatility. If you love duck, and if you ever tried this rustic stew - you will understand me. So, confit is a real stew. French grandmother making this dish from generation to generation, and to this day duck confit - this is a real "brand" of France, the delicacy and the love of millions of people around the world.

Ingredients for Duck confit

Step by step instruction of cooking Duck confit

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To prepare the products.
The most important thing for confit is the fat. If there is no possibility to buy it - you will have to do its own rendering. The preparation begins one day before the main cooking time.

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Prepared parts are well rubbed with a mixture of coarse salt, pepper, rosemary and thyme. Put in a ceramic dish, add the herbs and leave to marinate in the refrigerator at least 12 hours (overnight).
* Coarse salt necessary since confit is very easy to overdo. Duck can easily absorb the fine salt and the entire work may go down the drain. With coarse salt this will not happen.

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Completely melted the skin and pieces of fat will become a solid Golden-brown pieces, and you get pure duck fat, which is known as clarified butter - chadit and does not burn.
* My photo intermediate result - fat melted of one duck. Fat really need a lot, so they should be reserved for future use - preparing any of the ducks - is to carefully assemble it and freeze before the right moment.

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The next day, when we already have the fat, and marinated duck, you can proceed directly to making confit. Duck parts you need to get out of the marinade, remove has not been absorbed by the salt, to shake off seasonings and tightly lay a deep ceramic dish, alternating with onion shallot, garlic cloves, rosemary, thyme, and peppercorns (3-5 pieces). All this pour duck fat to cover all the content. If the grease is still not enough, then it is permissible to add a little pork fat or, at worst, a good vegetable oil.
* Shallots and garlic need to disassemble the cloves and they can not clean to the end. I cooked both with untreated - the color of the frozen fat will be darker.

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The dishes with duck to send in a cold oven. To set the temperature 140-150 degrees. Like this duck will hold in the oven for 2 to 4 hours, depending on volume. It will be slowly simmering in its own fat, to absorb the flavors and to get your "konvichny".

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After this time, the meat will begin to separate easily from the bones and spread on dark fiber. From the peel will mytopics all the fat and it will become a Golden color and become crispy.
Confit is ready. Now it need to remove the herbs, onion and garlic. Further, it can be expanded for banks/containers, filling to the top with fat, you can roll up and can be left to cool and later stored in the form. The fat will harden, and you get the same stew. Like this confit can be stored in the refrigerator for 3 to 12 months (in the form and nakatannyh banks, respectively).
* I leave the form, long time and I have such delicacies are not stored.

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How to use confit hot?:
To get the leg, cleaned of excess fat and slowly reheat in the pan, put it skin down to brown, (it is very, very tasty), flip once to leg warmed. On the formed fat, or adding it from confit to prepare a side dish. Young potatoes fried in duck fat is a classic, but the pearl barley with mushrooms and braised cabbage, and seasonal vegetables, and apples with honey, and mashed potatoes - it will be just perfect, will fit almost all.
The second option is to bake something in the oven. The same potatoes/cabbage/PE lovko/ apples - to prepare, put in a heatproof dish, generously add the duck fat, place the duck meat and let it sit in the oven.
* I have on the side fried in duck fat sweet onions and new potatoes with steamed (in the same fat) sour cabbage with Apple and cranberries.

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How to use confit in the cold?:
In the first place - to smear on bread like pate, like a stew, as an ingredient for delicious sandwich.
The second option is to use duck confit in a salad. Freeing pieces of meat of excess fat (you can use heat, then cool), you get a great ingredient for salads of fresh leafy greens, with a vinegar/fruit /citrus and berry sauces.
* I have just a cold sandwich from rye bread with duck confit and berries cranberries.
** There are in cooking dishes such about which one would like to ask " is the game worth the candle?". In this case, the answer is simple - it is necessary!