Warm vegetable salad with funchoza

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Very tasty dish, which contains healthy vegetables and rice noodles.

Ingredients for Warm vegetable salad with funchoza

Step by step instruction of cooking Warm vegetable salad with funchoza

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Cut the garlic into thin strips, spread on a pan with very hot vegetable oil and lightly fry.

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I had a ham, instead, you can take bacon, thinly cut chicken - any meat product, but do not take it long, cut into thin strips.

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Since I have thin cellophane, I have all the vegetables cut thinly. Carrots rubbed on a grater for Korean carrot, onion grated Berner. Daikon is a little larger, as it happens.
To garlic add the onions and fry a little. Then carrots.

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Then daikon. Again, very briefly fry. In parallel, boil in salted water funchoza. It is different, so cook it according to the instructions on the package. When ready, in small portions and quickly mix with vegetables, I quickly stuck together. Remove the pan from the heat. Not salt, just add soy sauce.