Rabbit in white wine

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I got unexpectedly is such a trophy. Found on the website only a few options for cooking a hare among them seemed particularly interesting the Hare in cognac. Decided to share with the cooks more than the female version in white wine.

Ingredients for Rabbit in white wine

Step by step instruction of cooking Rabbit in white wine

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The products that we need.
The hare must first be divided into pieces and soak in water with vinegar for at least 12 hours (two days). Frozen hare macerate is no longer necessary.

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Meat sprinkle with salt, RUB the spices and fry in a pan with butter and sunflower oil until Golden brown. You can fry and bacon, as hare has virtually no your fat. Put roasted meat in the pot.

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After the meat in the pan fry onions and grated carrots. Sent fries to the meat. Add tomato paste, sour cream and wine. I wanted to cut more and sundried tomato (but I think it is not necessary). Simmer the rabbit until tender.
I like soft meat, and my cooking took 40 minutes.
Add the greens, wrap it up in the pot and leave it to infuse for about half an hour.

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Perfect with mashed potatoes and pickled vegetables.
Bon appetit!