2.4k - 1200 минут 10 порции

Recipe of the finest books Alesya Ivanova "the cuisine is Ukrainian". Because better not say, I quote: "If You think that Varenukha only Bulgakov impure into the hands of the administrator of the variety, you are deeply mistaken. Varenukha's sister Krambambulya Belarusian and Russian sbiten, and second cousin of Indian English punch and grog." Girls, produces stunning, fragrant and tasty drink. Degrees think, about 30. Since there is no alcoholometer home, rather not say. Hot in a thermos on the street in winter just to drink, like a song.

Ingredients for Varenukha

Step by step instruction of cooking Varenukha

Шаг 1

Our main ingredient.
Dried fruits and all the spices pour into a ceramic pot, fill with vodka, leave to infuse for 8 hours.

Шаг 2

Add the warmed honey.
From flour and water, knead the dough, let him lie down under the towel for 1-2 h. Tightly close the pot with dough, ablepsia the neck. Our task is not to let out liquid. Our pot is too wide neck. So close up here. The book cover completely from the test.

Шаг 3

Hot - drink of the gods.
I suggest, chose the cooking under a winter barbecue, a walk to pour the moonshine hot in a thermos, and you will be just kings of the company. The recipe asks everything.
The feed can be not only hot, but also warm, and cold.
Girls with alcoholometer, if you do, please, believe, please, degrees on the way out and leave feedback below. Thank you in advance. Snack on photos hand-picked illiterate, just never cooked before, did the first time, and then, and there was nothing to photograph.