Pea soup with salmon

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Pea soup I have long time been associated with smoked and winter, until I tried to cook a new lighter version of the soup. Welcome, friends! Inside, as usual, you will find the recipe and the story about the history of peas.

Ingredients for Pea soup with salmon

Step by step instruction of cooking Pea soup with salmon

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Pea soup has always enjoyed great popularity not only in Russia but also worldwide. The seeds of this plant were discovered by archaeologists during excavations in Asia, which is considered the homeland of peas.
***For making this soup, I used two types of peas - green and yellow.

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Dishes from peas were popular with the inhabitants of Ancient Rome and Greece. They are included in the diet as commoners and representatives of the upper class.
***Peas need to clean, cook from the ratio of 1:2 until soft about 30 minutes. In our case, green and yellow split peas cook in separate pots. Using a blender make a puree of peas; I love the option that are part of the pea.

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It is known, for example, that the Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, father of Peter 1, particularly disliked the steamed peas with melted butter, and pies with pea filling.
***Begin to collect our soup. In a bowl pour 2/3 of the green pea soup, then pour the yellow, and yellow add green.

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And pea soup is mentioned in the famous book by Remarque "Black obelisk": "We sit in the office and wait for Rosenfeld. Dinner split pea soup was so thick that the ladle is a spoon upright..."
***Decorate the soup with salmon and fresh dill on the perimeter.