Eggs stuffed with blue cheese and pistachios

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This snack specific, suitable only for big fans of blue cheese, as they say, "not for the masses". And if you see yourself, then help yourself to health!

Ingredients for Eggs stuffed with blue cheese and pistachios

Step by step instruction of cooking Eggs stuffed with blue cheese and pistachios

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I love blue cheese, its bright taste and sweet smell. In large quantities and every day it is not going, but to treat yourself to a holiday you can)

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This cheese is quite soft, crumbles easily and is perfect for making different sauces. The taste of his complex and salty, and sweet, sharp and spicy at the same time. It can only understand, accept and love.

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Well, and the snack is prepared, in General, very simple. Boiled eggs cut and carefully remove the yolks. Mix the egg yolks, blue cheese and a little mayonnaise to produce a uniform mass.

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Pistachios lightly fry in a dry pan. You may even like it with almonds or walnuts.

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And crushed in a mortar.

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It remains only to stuff the cheese filling half the eggs, sprinkle of pistachio crumbs on top, garnish with greens and serve.

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Bon appetit and happy New year!