Wave with steamed vegetables

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My husband is fasting. And I cooked him for dinner this dish. He liked it, and me too. Had the same lunch, so to speak, to make a company. The taste of steamed vegetables resemble a hodgepodge.

for Lent

Ingredients for Wave with steamed vegetables

Step by step instruction of cooking Wave with steamed vegetables

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Mushrooms clear from the top of the peel and slice thinly polukoltsami. On a dry pan to evaporate first the mushrooms, then add vegetable oil, onions finely cut and fry together with mushrooms. Carrots shinkuem thin rings, garlic press with a knife and finely chop. Add in mushrooms and onions and continue to fry on slow fire.

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Cabbage finely shinkuem as well and sent to our vegetable mixture. Cover it to the cabbage properies until soft.

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Pickled cucumber peeled, cut in slices and then into strips.

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The tomatoes I used "erotic" (the remains). They were cut into small pieces. You can use fresh tomatoes, pre-clearing them from the skin.

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So, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes are sent to all components . Overcook minced thoroughly of excess water and again cover with a lid.

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10 minutes until cooked use any of your favorite seasoning. If not enough salt, salt.