Rolls of chicken

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Girls got so much inspiration that ideas are born and reborn. Start doing someone else's recipe, and the result is quite different, already! Here's to Your court. Rolls of chicken schnitzel stuffed with mushrooms, rice and egg. However, eaten in two days. And on the second day, they turned out even tastier. I Express my deep gratitude for the inspiration and Светлана07 tamriko51 in Svetlanna recipe "Chicken roll "Evening Express".

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Step by step instruction of cooking Rolls of chicken

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STEP 1. YESTERDAY. Chicken schnitzel to beat stick (learned here on the website)

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Fry in vegetable oil mushrooms and onions

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Combine with rice and coarsely chopped egg. If someone wants juicier the filling - add a little butter. Add salt, preservatives. I almost did not add anything, as mushrooms especially do not like condiments. I love the clean mushroom spirit.

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Spread the filling on each batted schnitzel wrap and a standard process that I have somehow not photographed: in the eggs - biscuits, eggs in the breadcrumbs. I did this 2 times. Someone can three. And of course, fry in butter in a frying pan.
Then moved the cauldron, poured diluted with water mushroom soup on small fire. Hold for 15-20 minutes after boiling. You can eat.
So my beloved did. Eaten one by one. They turned out huge!

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And the next day, I got my honey from work. Well, who wants to eat the same thing, and even heated in the microwave! (from my recipes - only gruzinchiki and pupsiki) And what I did. Cut each roll, soaked in eggs, diluted as for an omelet.

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And in the pan. The remains of the eggs on top, turned, and a new dish is ready! The taste is completely different. And in my opinion - even better than yesterday!

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And much prettier. I understand why rolls yesterday I did not take pictures. They seemed to me ugly. Not that today!