Spicy bean soup

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On the street finally reigned real winter - snow and frost! After a walk in this weather will be fine to eat thick, very delicate and yet spicy, full-bodied flavor of this soup. The recipe is very simple, nothing extra, just beans and spices, accentuates and adorns her taste. Fans of beans and spices here!

Ingredients for Spicy bean soup

Step by step instruction of cooking Spicy bean soup

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And this set of products, which we still need: olive oil, cream and lemon to serve, onion, garlic and spices with salt.

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Onion and garlic we finely chop...

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... and pepper, cumin and coriander chop.

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Then use a blender to turn everything into a puree, in the course of adding some salt to your liking.
Pour the soup into warmed plate, add a little lemon juice and cream, sprinkle with oregano and enjoy))