Asparagus in streamers of red fish

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Simple and at the same time quite an interesting dish. If you do not confuse the "stole" it from Yulia Vysotskaya. Ingredients a little, prepared quickly. For new year's table is good choice in view of the fact that the horoscopes write about your preferred dishes on the holiday table, and this is vegetables and fish (and fruit and lots of drinks). Imagine how beautiful it would take a picture of the girls with a good camera and fototalentos. I have neither the one nor the other, therefore judge, that is)))

Ingredients for Asparagus in streamers of red fish

Step by step instruction of cooking Asparagus in streamers of red fish

Шаг 1

In a pan melt a small knob of butter and gently spread asparagus.

Шаг 2

Fry on strong fire from two sides literally a couple of minutes.

Шаг 3

Fillet of red fish cut into thin strips. Asparagus "break" beam. Each bundle wrap fish.

The thinner and longer than the sliced fish, the naturally beautiful, but because the store I could only find salted fish, cut into strips (it is not for us), had to be content with what we have. Namely, just beheaded and gutted carcass of a chum salmon, which gave me about a month ago my mom, which sadly languished in prison for the freezer.
From it I as I could, cut the fillets and wrapped them asparagus.

Шаг 4

Further, these designs put into the pan and fry on medium heat in a very small amount of vegetable oil or no, if you have a frying pan, gently turning occasionally.
Each side takes 3 minutes.
Spread on a plate, add salt, pour lemon and serve!
Easy and hearty dish, like even the pickiest MCH, which the fish do not particularly favor, and the asparagus never tried.
Try it and You!
Bon appetit!