Fish snack in the eclairs and pita bread

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In fact, the appetizer -- the Queen of the table. It happens that until the main course comes, and everything is "pentacostalist"! Sit, well-fed, happy! I'm like that. And to me there is no greater pleasure than the fish dish. And that is just it, Yes, more, more!

Ingredients for Fish snack in the eclairs and pita bread

Step by step instruction of cooking Fish snack in the eclairs and pita bread

Шаг 1

I took the mackerel hot smoked.
As a second filler, "ricotta" from Alexander.
Long ago, I like the recipes "Slobodetskii".
Here, prepared, nutritious.

Шаг 2

In the ingredients I did not specify the number of mackerel and cheese.
I usually keep the ratio 50 / 50.
Depending on preference, these proportions can be changed.
Herbs, salt, olives and pepper to taste.
Mix all and fill the eclairs.

Шаг 3

Probably just lazy not spinning lavash rolls.
A fertile topic, the stuffing will fit everything that you can to wrap.
A sea of recipes on the website example.
Another option for toppings!
My favorite!

Шаг 4

As the spreads I used "capelin ROE tuna".
I hope no one is getting hurt, telling how to lubricate caviar, pita bread, lay a trail of fish to wrap, then another, a trail of ginger, again to wrap the pita bread, etc etc.)))

Шаг 5

I always put rolls on top of each other, press to seal the layers, tightly wrapped in foil and in the fridge.
Often at night, to saturate the pita.
Ready roll cut into thin strips.
Here, perhaps, and all!
All a pleasant appetite!