"Flaming cocktail" of melon

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Exotic. This cocktail is dedicated to my friend OKSANA (OK-71 ), in honor of her birthday 01 July.

Ingredients for "Flaming cocktail" of melon

Step by step instruction of cooking "Flaming cocktail" of melon

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This cocktail did so.
Sugar poured into a pan, brought to brown, after you poured the juice from the melon. Put a few grains of cardamom to taste. Cool, is the taste is caramel with a hint of melon. After lightly crush. The flesh of the melon separately slightly fry on Mar. sand, pour the liqueur or brandy. After I tried the coconut chips of different colors. Put in the refrigerator to slightly hardened.
In the melon to put the glass. In a glass put the flesh (colour of the refrigerator) of the melon. Sprinkle with caramel.