Meat Solyanka fast

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Of course, the bag did everything and each one according to his recipe, I offer on your court my recipe soups.

Ingredients for Meat Solyanka fast

Step by step instruction of cooking Meat Solyanka fast

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From briskets to cook the broth, remove the knuckle to separate the meat and chop.
The rest of the meat is also cut.
Onions to chop straws, to fry, add tomato paste, pour the brine and simmer.

Шаг 2

Cucumbers cut into strips

Шаг 3

And add to the onions, simmer until soft.

Шаг 4

All meat add to the onions, cover with water and stew.

Шаг 5

In the boiling broth to lay the entire weight of the stew, add the olives, lemon, bring to taste with spices and cook until tender.
Bon appetit.