Crab cakes are one of the medallions from choux pastry

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Simple, but tasty snack. Do love choux pastry, both standard and "full of details" (milk-cheese choux pastry, choux dough into the rye flour, etc.). Preparing the dough quickly, in 10 minutes and it is ready for baking. And in 30-40 minutes (with the dough depending on the size of the profiteroles) are the perfect basis for savory snacks and desserts. For the attention of the cook of my fantasy fish snacks that I have cooked for the New year. Experienced chefs, of course no surprise, and time at the beautiful photos I did not have much, but for newbies is quite useful recipe!

Ingredients for Crab cakes are one of the medallions from choux pastry

Step by step instruction of cooking Crab cakes are one of the medallions from choux pastry

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Prepare choux pastry. Bring to a boil 125 ml of water, add a pinch of salt. Throw the butter (50 gr.), melt in water. Fill 125 ml (ml, not grams) of flour. Stir well until all the flour brew into a ball. It is important to stir the flour, otherwise the dough will not work. Do not be lazy carefully to prevent it, leaving the pan on low heat.

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Let cool slightly and fill one 2 eggs, thoroughly stir each until smooth. The dough is ready.

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Plant the prepared dough using a pastry bag or syringe zastenny parchment on a baking sheet in the form of medallions, trying to make the outside edges slightly thicker medallions. As for toppings, I will have fish rolls, then I had to make a flat profiteroles. If You have a creamy filling, then put the balls to them then dump. Bake at 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Before the formation of a dense outer crust. Keep in the oven you need it to the formation of a good crust, otherwise profiteroles after taking out of the oven will fall.

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The fish at my own Ambassador. Who is interested in the cooking process - below I give a link to the recipe. Can take purchase fish like salmon and trout, both salt and smoked.

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My salt fish out pieces with a thickness of about 5-7 mm. Thinner than the fresh fish slice is almost impossible. Salted fish is denser, so the finished pieces I cut in half lengthwise. If You already salted or smoked fish in one piece - cut it into strips about 3 mm thick.

Шаг 6

It is advisable to take a sushi Mat, but if anyone have no problem. You can do just a food film, but will be harder to roll it up.
Vystelim on the Mat cling film, lay on it the fish in the overlap.

Шаг 7

Spread cream cheese.
PySy: I bought, but it can make your own cheese, a little sour cream, a pinch of salt, a little Limonova juice and churn in a blender until smooth. Try, balance the taste with salt and lemon juice to bring down and liked again.

Шаг 8

Spread on cream cheese lettuce leaves.

Шаг 9

Turn into the loaf.

Шаг 10

I got two rolls. Put into the fridge for 2-3 hours.

Шаг 11

An expandable film. Cut the roll into pieces about 2.5 cm

Шаг 12

Spread rolls on custard medallion and fastened with a skewer.

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Bon appetit!