Salad appetizer with sauce "Sushi bar"

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A light, spicy dish. His soul soy sauce, which has become the indispensable basis of the sauce for serving and the marinade to the meat. The sauce brings out and accentuates, creates a common ensemble, harmoniously completing the taste bouquet of seemingly simple ingredients.

Ingredients for Salad appetizer with sauce "Sushi bar"

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad appetizer with sauce "Sushi bar"

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To start preparing the marinade for the chicken breast. In a bowl pour 10 g soy sauce, 20 g of vinegar (I have alcohol), 25 g of vegetable oil (I use sunflower oil) and also add 1 tablespoon of sugar. Whisk the mixture with a submersible blender and pour the meat.

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Leave the meat to marinate for three to four hours. I have, as a rule, all pickled is sent to spend the night in the fridge. When cooking this dish adherence to the recipe of the marinade is important. The marinade affects the taste and structure of meat.

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After a time the meat be sure to wash under running water and then cut into small pieces. Fry the meat on medium heat and above 10 minutes. The longer it marinated, the faster to cook. Especially because the pieces are small.

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Now pour into the bowl of soy sauce 15 grams, vinegar 5 grams, vegetable oil 50 g ginger juice (10 g of peeled root squeeze through a garlic press) and the immersion blender brought until smooth emulsion. After cooling down it will become thicker. 30 minutes send the sauce to infuse in the refrigerator (the sauce can be prepared the day before). Gentle consistency sauce has a spicy, bright, full-bodied taste!

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Cut squid meat for example chicken pieces. I always use for this dish "cupping" the squid, he and juicier and "meaty" in other words, the pieces thicker. Subtly, obliquely, Nachinaem cucumber.