Christmas pig porridge

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This dish will decorate the table at any celebration! I've made it to Christmas.

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Ingredients for Christmas pig porridge

Step by step instruction of cooking Christmas pig porridge

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Step 1: so, prepare the marinade! It and glaze the pig I saw this wonderful recipe: http://www.povarenok .EN/recipes/sho w/70474/
I made 2 quarts of marinade (the recipe ingredients for 1 liter). Cool marinade, and put him in the pig, close the lid, put into the fridge for 1.5 days.
Step 2: Prepare the glaze of soy sauce, honey, chilli and oil. Get the pig from the marinade, wipe, carefully daubed glaze and sent it back into the fridge while cooking the porridge.
(to honey well placed, place the container of frosting in boiling water)

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Now overcook minced onion in vegetable oil until Golden brown. Salt. It can be a little fry (who he loves). I cut it in half rings.

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Separately fry onions and mushrooms (also a vegetable). Salt. You can use white... will be tastier (the year was not a mushroom, and my wife is not isolated, frozen mushrooms! left of the post). I cut large, so they are not lost in the mess. Fry until Golden brown (! not putting out!)

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Cook grits until soft. It is important! it will reach into the abdomen of a pig. Here be careful with the salt: onions and mushrooms are already salted. Better then the sunflower.

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Onions, mushrooms, discard in a colander, to glass oil. Cereals, respectively, too))

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Mix everything together and get mush! Try the taste, if you need to sunflower.

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Take out the pig and stuffed it with porridge! Porridge is not necessary to compact until it stops. Buckwheat will add to the volume.

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Sew up with nylon thread.

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On a baking sheet vystelim parchment, seated pig, daubed with glaze.

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Wrap it up with foil and put in a preheated 190 degree oven for 1.5 hours.

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Get, remove the foil, coat with glaze, and again in the oven on 160 degrees until Golden crisp. ( Again cover the ears with foil so they will burn less.) It took me another hour!
take your time... the meat must bake! If the skin will burn, nothing to worry about. Main - bringing until cooked tender meat of a pig :)

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Finally, the pig is ready!