Salad "Spanish rose"

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I don't know why the salad is called ""Spanish rose", but I strongly suspect that because of a distant resemblance with this noble flower. But I know for sure - the salad is very tasty. A combination of chicken-pineapple-cheese can be considered a classic of the genre. And at the same time it will satisfy even those who are not a connoisseur of "sweet" meat (to this fellow I am). It turns out very tender, juicy and quick.

Ingredients for Salad "Spanish rose"

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad "Spanish rose"

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Here are all the ingredients for our "Roses".

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Cheese RUB on a medium grater.

Шаг 3

Boiled in salted water breast, cut into cubes.

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And tomatoes also cut into cubes.

Шаг 5

And pineapples will do the same.

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Prepared products put layers in the following order: croutons – chicken – pineapple – cheese. All layers of the coat with sauce (Mayo+sour cream). Those who do not eat sour cream or are not very sensitive to the "mayonnaise question" can do with mayonnaise in a pure form. Slightly protrusive paprika powder. The last layer spread the tomato. Leave them without the sauce.

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Fans of crunch croutons to serve immediately. And you can leave to soak for a couple of hours. Tasty and so and so. Bon appetit, my good!